May 26, 2021

First Orgasm – What’s Inside?

von Amelie Camelie

Orgasm – What’s behind the big Oh and how do we experience it?

Some women experience orgasm while they are still at school, others only in middle age and some women never experience the big oh.

Yes, we’re talking about the big Oh … Oh … orgasm.

Here’s what you need to know about female orgasm:

«He is the wave of happiness. A perfect mix of lightness and weight. It shakes your world so that you would like to be in this wonderful trance forever », some women rave about in the famous romance novels.

That sounds a lot like gossip.

We want to know what is an orgasm

One thing is certain: something is really going on in your brain during an orgasm. Scientists have been able to verify this in many studies.

Shortly before the big Oh, the brain causes tension in our body to be built up, while fantasies are triggered. The nice thing about an orgasm is that areas of the brain that deal with fear and inhibitions are switched off.

That sounds downright healthy, doesn’t it?

It is, which is why there are of course an incredible number of reasons for a climax in addition to lust.

We have put together five for you here:

  1. The “Tonight I have a headache” orgasm: Yes, girls, no more excuses. No headache pill and no sleep either, what you need is an orgasm. Scientists have shown that sex can even relieve migraines.
  2. The “I haven’t been sick for ages” orgasm: Orgasms are richer in vitamins than a fruit salad. That probably sounds a bit strange, but it is. A study has shown that having sex twice a week strengthens the immune system and thus prevents a cold. So let’s go to bed in the cold seasons.
  3. The “I still look like twenty” orgasm: Ladies, it’s official. We don’t need hyaluronic acid or wrinkle creams. The best thing to do against aging is orgasms. One psychologist suggests that women who have sex regularly look five to seven years younger. This thesis has not yet been proven, maybe you will start the self-experiment
  4. The “Today I look damn good” orgasm: An orgasm does not only work physical miracles. No, it can also set a lot in motion psychologically. After the climax you feel light, weightless and simply comfortable in your body.
  5. The “I feel totally relaxed” orgasm: The happiness hormones, which are released at the climax, let us float on cloud nine for a moment. But not only that: You also break down stress hormones. One study found that an orgasm provides two hours of relaxation.

It just doesn’t work for me- What can I do if I have difficulty getting there?

There are women who climax every time, but others don’t even know what it feels like. Of course, sex can be very nice and intense even without an orgasm. Not all women have the same sense of pleasure, which is why pure happiness is not the big O at the end for everyone.

But if you are one of those women who would love to have an orgasm, we can give you some tips here to get a little closer to it all:

  1. Love yourself. This may sound trite, but the great key to orgasm is self-love. You are naked, would like to pull in your stomach, cover up the cellulite on your legs and oh my god I look terrible from above … that’s it! Let’s be completely honest: Your sexual partner is only interested in one thing at this time: the passion between you two. Of course we are self-critical, but don’t let that spoil your pleasure. We are currently working on putting together a few tips for more self-confidence and hope that this will help you in any case! When you have sex, you don’t just expose your body. No, your mind is also completely free. It can feel incredibly vulnerable to lose control of your body in front of someone else. But isn’t it beautifully intimate too?
  2. Don’t drink too much. Depending on the amount, alcohol can have a positive or negative effect on libido. So it is important that you know your own limit. A glass or two of wine may heat you up, but a third glass can be too much.
  3. Lend a hand yourself. In order to get to know yourself and your body better, it is important to go on a discovery tour yourself. Explore your erogenous zones, try something out and find the places on your body that irritate you. You can do this with your hand, the shower head, or, if you are adventurous, with sex toys. We are currently trying hard to be able to tell you which of them absolutely belong in your inventory
  4. Is everything okay with me? It is important that you are physically able to orgasm at all. Sometimes sexual aversion can also be physical. For example, hormonal changes can occur from taking the pill. A metabolic disease or diabetes can also be the reason for your reluctance. Do not resign yourself to it, but seek a discussion with a specialist. Usually these can determine in your blood count what the reason for the lack of orgasm is.

Orgasm guarantee: Sex positions with which you can stimulate yourself properly

The elephant position: It is currently, the orgasm booster from the Kama Sutra. It works without a lot of contortion and can actually be imitated by everyone. We’ll briefly describe it from the perspective of a heterosexual couple.

You lie on your stomach, your sexual partner on top and penetrate you from behind. This position allows him to penetrate deeply and also hits the G-spot. Your sexual partner has perfect conditions for a little more stimulation and can kiss your neck, caress your breasts, caress, suckle and ensure that you experience an intense orgasm.

We are currently working on finding even more sex positions that will sweeten your love life. So stay tuned!

The acute lull in orgasm

It has probably happened to everyone before. We are right in the middle of it and in the next moment the postman rings, the child next door starts screaming terribly or the metal music from the neighbor makes us gasp in annoyance.

How do I get back to the actual “concert”?

Here are a few tips to help you stick with it:

  1. The good old fantasy: When you get caught up in a carousel of thoughts and notice that all pleasure is about to leave your body, try to concentrate on a beautiful fantasy. Either you keep it quietly and secretly to yourself or, which of course gives a lot more pleasure and fun, you share it with your partner.
  2. Simple cuddling really works! Let the pressure off. It doesn’t have to be right now. You can also just continue later. Cuddle, caress, talk and laugh together, and you are guaranteed to rekindle your desire.
  3. Pamper him. If you can’t find your way back yourself, but still want to experience the whole lovemaking for a while, then spoil your partner. The nice thing about it is that your attention is focused on him and therefore you get away from your carousel of thoughts. And of course that could also give you new pleasure.

But can I only get an orgasm during sex?

Maybe you’ve all seen the movie “Girls, Girls”.

This is where the first orgasm happens on a bike.

Does that sound absurd?

But it is not, because you can really get an orgasm while exercising. The wave of pleasure can also overwhelm you during sleep and a mentally induced orgasm is also possible.

So you can see that the orgasm is often a mental thing.

Maybe it’s up to him?

“Well, when I masturbate, I always have an orgasm, but it never works with my partner,” said a friend.

We took a closer look at this statement and found that women reach orgasm much more easily on their own. There are many entries on the Internet, which we would like to briefly summarize for you.

Sometimes it’s really up to the partner. Sexual attraction has decreased, everyday life takes away all pleasure and the “eternal same” just doesn’t turn us on anymore.

But it doesn’t just have to be that. You too can be the problem. Maybe you are not relaxed. The best thing to do is to talk about it and find a solution together.

In order to bring more fun into sex life, there are a lot of wonderful love toys that you absolutely have to try out.

We were able to collect some testimonials about the first orgasm for you and we really laughed a lot.

Only when you talk to women, share this experience with each other and realize how widespread the problems around the climax are, you feel a lot better. Your Moramore team was able to ask three women about their first orgasm and now want to share their experiences with you:

Caroline *

I was only fifteen when it happened. At school, everyone was suddenly talking about kissing, fondling, and sex. To be honest, I couldn’t really identify with it back then. At least with the sex. Somehow the intercourse seemed rather surreal to me. Something that only real adults are allowed to do. But, since my friends didn’t stop talking about their bodies, I decided to do the same that afternoon. I read a lot about the shower head and other aids on the Internet. Since I was terribly uncomfortable with all of this, I didn’t want to use any aids that my mother could ultimately have in her hand again * laughs *. So I decided to do it with my own hands.

Probably because of the whole hormone excess and the desire to get to know your own body better, it all happened very quickly. It was so overwhelming that I kept repeating it this week.

Helen *

It was all two years ago, on my twenty-eighth birthday. I had heard a lot about orgasms, but in the meantime I had come to terms with the fact that it might just not work for me.

I had four relationships behind me now. For me, I’ve had good sex, but no one has shaken my world like this one.

I went to a party with friends, partied wildly and met a guy. Since I had taken a headache pill that day, I didn’t drink much and luckily the guy held back completely.

Later we decided to go home to him. Maybe it was the two glasses of Chardonnay or the intoxication of the evening, but I came three times that night. From that moment on, I understood what sex was for me. Most of the time it’s really up to you if it doesn’t work. Letting go, relaxing, surrendering to the other – I’ve never really done any of this before.

Annais *

I’ve been married for over ten years with one child, and until recently I never had an orgasm. That might sound really strange, but in the past few years, despite having some sexual partners, I’ve never made it to the big Oh. Still, I always found sex to be something incredible. It was nice to share each other’s passion and lust. Watching me climax him satisfied me in a pleasant way.

But, since I’m a considerable age now, I just wanted to try it out. My child was in the Landschulheim, my husband was on a business trip and I was completely alone at home. For ages I’ve been able to simply enjoy the time with myself, got myself a tub and picked up a sex toy that I had ordered very discreetly. As already mentioned, I have always enjoyed sex, but it has never been as intense as in the tub. That same evening I had to tell my husband, who immediately agreed to buy more toys after the business trip. In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed an orgasm every other day and I’m happy to have refreshed our relationship with it.


The first orgasm is not a thing that has to be checked off in puberty. It is much more a process of self-discovery and self-love. If you, too, have already experienced your first orgasm and would love to have more of it, we are currently working on a list of the most exciting sex positions, sex toys and stimulants for you. But you are also welcome to take a look at our article Multible Orgasms- What It’s All About, in case you just can’t get enough, just like us.

If you are one of those women who finally want to experience an orgasm, we are also working on numerous tips for you so that you too can still experience the big oh.

* The names has been changed.

By the way, we write for him and for you. For the sake of simplicity, however, we do not use gendering. We hope that’s ok.-)