May 25, 2021

Dry Orgasm – the Ultimate Sex Experience!

von Amelie Camelie

Of course, dry orgasm sounds incredibly paradoxical at first. How should dry intercourse feel good? After all, it is an advantage if the woman is damp. That’s why there are also lubricants and co. But the dry orgasm actually has nothing to do with the female orgasm.

This post is not about women, but about men’s orgasms.

Yes, you heard right!

Men can experience a dry orgasm without ejaculation.

Both sexual partners benefit from this, because men can do it more often, longer and harder.

In tantra circles, in particular, the term dry orgasm is often used, as it is supposed to promote health and make love play more fun.

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But what exactly is a dry orgasm?

A dry orgasm is when the man hardly or not at all ejaculates during sex play or masturbation.

What, that’s not possible?

Go then! It is still a widespread misconception that sperm and orgasm inevitably belong together in men. However, it is of course possible to experience both independently of each other.

Of course, a dry orgasm is also different from a pretended one. On the contrary, because according to experience reports, sex is much more intense and more pleasurable, from which both sexual partners benefit.

In general, a distinction is made between two types of dry orgasm: total anejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. 

Total anejaculation:

Total anejaculation can occur for several medical reasons:


  • due to medication, such as antidepressants
  • lack of production of semen
  • congenital disorder of the prostate
  • due to a tumor
  • closure of the spermatic duct
  • impairment of the nerve structures

These medical reasons can lead to the fact that some biological processes in the body simply fail to occur and the experienced orgasm occurs without ejaculation. This can significantly limit the sex life of those affected and is not the desired dry orgasm. Instead, it is perceived as negative and is not wanted by those affected.

Because for these people, the unwanted, lack of ejaculation is not very satisfactory and often leads to unsatisfactory sex life.

If you or your sexual partner have the feeling that you are suffering from one of these sexual dysfunctions, it is best to see a urologist, who in many cases can provide a remedy with the right medication.

The retrograde ejaculation:

For us, however, retrograde ejaculation is more important. It is a misdirected ejaculation. No liquid escapes through the vas deferens as ejaculate, but “incorrectly” gets into the urinary bladder and thus into the urine.

This can be triggered by the fact that the bladder sphincter only functions to a limited extent or the pelvic floor muscles slowly weaken.

Both of these functional disorders can occur as a result of prostate surgery or as a result of long-term alcohol addiction.

In addition to the medical reasons mentioned, there are other reasons why a dry orgasm occurs. For example, when a man has had multiple orgasms in a very short time.

In this case, the body does not have enough time to produce new sperm and the orgasm occurs without ejaculate. Perhaps you have already experienced this case and noticed the advantages of this experience.

Now comes the highlight! This state can also come about without this phenomenon. Rather, you can consciously induce retrograde ejaculation and thus achieve a more intense sex life.

Of course we want you to feel good and not have to worry, which is why we want to briefly introduce you to the medical aspects of this sex practice.

How does a dry orgasm come about?

The man’s orgasm is divided into four phases:

The first phase is divided into the excitation phase , in which there are conspicuous physical signs such as erection. 

The second phase, the plateau phase, follows immediately . Blood pressure rises, breathing becomes faster, and the testicles swell. The brain receives an impulse, triggers a rhythmic contraction of the muscles when the signal is received and thus forms the sperm. This phase is usually very short.

The next step is the orgasm phase. When the pelvic muscles contract, the sperm is expelled in pulses. So that the secretion does not flow back and get into the bladder, the inner bladder muscles close at the same time.

So much for the natural flow of ejaculation.

If we now interrupt the natural process, the orgasm phase, by tensing the PC muscle, the sperm will enter the urinary bladder and will be excreted with the urine the next time you go to the toilet, so that it is more cloudy than usual.

The sex practice is completely safe for you.

Eastern medicine even assumes that dry orgasms are beneficial for health.

So wouldn’t it be incredibly satisfying to consciously experience an orgasm and at the same time not have to accept the loss of energy caused by ejaculation? 

How does a dry orgasm work?

Unlike usual, despite the contraction caused by pumping the spermatic duct, no ejaculate will come out. In the beginning, you are probably miles away from having a multiple orgasm. But don’t let that discourage you. Every beginning is difficult.

How do you learn the technique for a dry orgasm?

Multiple orgasms, more fun, better climaxes and being able to last much longer, that sounds very tempting, of course.

The good news? Any man can learn a dry orgasm .

The key to a special sex experience is a well-trained pelvic floor.

Most women are familiar with exercising their pelvic muscles. They know that they can benefit in every way from exercising their pelvic floor muscles.

But the dry orgasm and the associated PC muscle training for men is far from being as widespread.

Nevertheless, basically, the same technology is behind it.

You can try the whole time by going to the toilet. You just hold back your urine stream.

Isn’t it more? Exactly.

Of course, this can feel uncomfortable the first few times, but the more you repeat it every day, the easier it becomes.

With this “exercise” you lay the foundation for a dry orgasm.

But don’t overdo it at first, because sore muscles in the pelvic floor are anything but pleasant.

Exercise instructions for a dry orgasm:

The PC muscle is naturally rather weak, so our first tip, interrupting urination for a few seconds while urinating, is best for beginners.

This will give you a first feel for this muscle.

This is how you learn to train the PC muscle far away from the toilet.

You can now tighten it for five seconds, then let it loose, tighten it again for five seconds and then let it loose again.

You repeat this process ten times a day, in three rounds. Best in the morning, noon and evening.

The advantage here? You can do this technique anywhere because nobody can see this muscle from the outside.

Now it’s time to fine-tune.

How you can get to know your PC muscle:

In order to have the experience, it is also important to get to know your PC muscle and thus your body better.

To do this, lie down naked on the bed, just relax and let your hands slide gently over your body. Discover the furrows on your body, caress it and slowly go to your dam. This place is also called the “point of the millions of gold pieces”, which you can now massage.

The whole thing can also be integrated into foreplay that you can do with your sexual partner.

Important! It’s not about the erection, which you will likely achieve quickly, but rather about doing something good for the muscle.

It is also useful to get to know your arousal curve for dry orgasms. 

This is how you can intensify the dry orgasm:

Sex should often go fast, and it is so important to get to know all facets of pleasure.

The next exercise is about doing just that.

Caress your body or have your sexual partner caress it and explore your body.

What do you like? Where are your erogenous zones?

It is important to proceed slowly here. Focus on your body or on your partner’s reactions. Learn how to get closer to your climax.

Are you breathing faster? Is there a noise in your ears? Do you open your legs more?

Enjoy until you are close to your climax and then stop the stimulation. This way you get to know your pleasure curve particularly well and thus also the signs of an approaching climax. In the following this is especially necessary for the correct timing.

Five steps to a dry orgasm:

Unfortunately, there is no deductive guide for a dry orgasm, but there is a kind of guide on how to get closer to your goal again and again.

If you have a partner, you should definitely talk to them about it and try this guide together.

  1. In the first step, it is important to find the right moment in lovemaking or self-love. If you are about to orgasm but do not feel any contraction yet, stop any stimulation and tense the pc muscle as much as you can.
  2. The next step is to focus on the tension. Hold on until the feeling of pressure subsides. You can also count back ten seconds. This time is usually required to neutralize the pressure.
  3. Now you can continue the stimulation until you feel that the next orgasm is approaching. Timing now plays a big role again. Tense the PC muscle vigorously before ejaculate emerges and stop any stimulation again. The tension is now much shorter than the first time.
  4. After about three to four seconds, you can resume stimulation. When the third orgasm approaches, you stop again shortly before the climax and tense the PC muscle with all your strength for three seconds.
  5. In the last step, you can relax and repeat this exercise until you no longer have an orgasm.

The whole thing can be trained in masturbation or you feel your way lovingly together with your sexual partner. The difficulty will lie in finding the right time, interrupting the lovemaking shortly before ejaculation and at the same time tensing the PC muscle.

That sounds easy, but it takes a lot of practice before you start to notice your first successes.

When you have the first dry orgasm, you should focus on experiencing the second dry orgasm, and so on in lovemaking.

Be sure that with a little practice you will have several orgasms in a row and you will be able to inspire your sexual partners.

What are the benefits of a dry orgasm?

The dry orgasm does not differ in the degree of moisture the woman has during sexual intercourse, but above all in the point that men can experience multiple orgasms by suppressing the ejaculate.

Yes! Men can also come several times in a row without pauses. What is easy for women can also be experienced by men.

It’s also a very satisfying and powerful feeling to be in control of your best piece. With the mastery of the technique you can control when, how and if you want to have a climax.

The love game becomes more intense, longer and more satisfying. Not only will you benefit from your skills, but your sexual partner will also be delighted.


You have probably already noticed that there are an incredible number of aspects to consider in order to benefit from a dry orgasm. Of course, a multiple orgasm in a man requires a long process of practice, but the path to incredible ecstasy in self-love as well as with a partner can be incredible fun.

So it’s not just the dry orgasm itself that really heats up your relationship, no, the way there also has an uncanny pleasure factor.

For example, you can train together on your pelvic floor, go on a discovery tour together and get closer and closer to the whole game.

If you are discouraged from practicing, we can recommend a penis ring that also ensures a more intense orgasm. It ensures blood congestion, so that you are plump longer and the erection can be maintained for a long time. The best thing about it? There are now penis rings, which also stimulate your partner at the same time.

That’s it for dry orgasm .

We wish you a lot of fun trying it out! ♡

One more thing!

A dry orgasm does not protect against pregnancy and infections cannot be avoided with this technique. In spite of everything, the drop of pleasure is secreted and protection is not guaranteed, just like with coitus interruptus. 

PS: We write for him and for you. For the sake of simplicity, however, we do not use gendering. We hope that’s ok🙂

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